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Lighthouse Chiropractic

light·house (noun) 1 : a tower or other building with a powerful light at top, erected at the entrance of a port, or at some important point on a coast, to serve as a guide to mariners at night; a pharos. 2 : beacon : a signal fire commonly on a hill, tower, or pole : a lighthouse or other signal for guidance : a radio transmitter emitting signals for guidance of aircraft 3 : a source of light or inspiration One of my new clients asked me the other day, what was with the name “lighthouse”. So I thought for a minute and explained that we really want to be a beacon of hope for your health. We want to attract people who are looking for authentic answers and practical guidance. The image of a lighthouse is a great representation of what we want to be for this valley!


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Feeling low-energy lately? Wanting to get rid of some of the unhealthy products in your home? Looking for health information? This is the fair for you!

The Kelowna Wellness Fair is a popular annual fair that showcases health and wellness products and services. There is a huge array of vendors each year, from weight loss products to chiropractors.

The fair is free to the public, with free welcome bags at the door!

Come visit our 4th annual fair, or see the ‘vendors’ link if you’d like to showcase your business!


The Kelowna Wellness Fair is proudly sponsored by 103.9 Juice FM! Come visit them on location for your chance to win a grand-prize from our Vendors. Simply sign up for My Kelowna Rewards on their website and start earning prizes!

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Interested in joining the Vernon Fair in March?

The Body and Soul Wellness Fair takes place in vernon, bc on march 1st and 2nd.